how to pick up Japanese women

Japan Bachelor Guide

The complete guide to picking up Japanese women

Whether you are coming to Japan for a short business trip or you are a long term resident, this guide is made for you!.

Konnichiwa! After living in Japan for 10 years, I have finally decided to pack my bags. Before I leave Japan, I thought I should pass something on to the guys of the world - the secrets of picking up Japanese women.

Why have I waited this long to write this book? I didn't want to have plane loads of guys coming to Japan and ruining all of my fun!

If you are visiting Japan on business or holiday, be sure not to let your wife or girlfriend see this.

The secrets are finally revealed in this book. Find out:

  • What is so special about Japanese women
  • Why are western guys so popular and how to take advantage of the situation
  • Where and how to meet women
  • How to be successful without having to speak Japanese
  • How to succeed without spending money
  • How to dress
  • What to talk about
  • How to bring girls back to your home or hotel
  • Learn some Japanese pick up lines
  • The best pick up bars in Tokyo
  • How to take advantage of social networks like
  • All this and more for just $15! Payment is made securely through Paypal.

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